Lazar Anode Technologies

First carbon anode baked in Continuous Carbon Baking Furnace

PRESS RELEASE Hawesville, KY - November 28th 2014

Lazar Anode Technologies, LLC celebrated the completion of its first carbon anode baking cycle using the patented new Continuous Column Baking Furnace (CCBF) at the company's development and production facility in Hawesville, KY. The successful baking of a 'green' anode represents the culmination of an extensive research, design and development program resulting in the first truly innovative technology for baking anodes since the ring-pit baking process was introduced early in the 20th century.

Lazar Anode Technologies Lazar staff celebrating the first carbon anode baked in its Continuous Carbon Baking Furnace. Photo by Danny Bolin, Bolin Photography Tell City, Indiana

Baked carbon anodes are critical and essential elements in the aluminum smelting process. "The Lazar CCBF is designed specifically to address the primary shortcomings of open bake ring-pit furnaces, including the high cost of acquisition and operation, short operating lifespan, the on-going expense of extensive routinem aintenance and frequent required re-builds due to extensive thermal cycling inherent in the ring-pit furnace design," stated Lazar founder and CEO Rick Lazarou.

Mr. Lazarou also emphasized that the design of the Lazar CCBF includes specific technologies to capture and re-burn volatiles which results in a significant reduction in the environmental impact of the anode production process. “The Lazar CCBF results in a higher quality anode, fewer rejects and a more economical, environmentally superior industrial process. It truly represents a win-win-win for the producers of aluminum, consumers of finished aluminum products and the environment,” concluded Lazarou.

Lazar Anode Technologies, LLC is the U.S. operating arm of Lazar Anode Technologies AG, a Swiss based Joint Venture company that includes U.S. based industrial partners Century Aluminum and ANH Refractories as well as a number of private investors located in Europe, Asia and the United States.

"The successful processing of a green anode by the Lazar CCBF positions the company to enter the commercial market for baked anodes serving aluminum smelters in the tri-state area in early 2015," indicated Kimberley Collins, Senior Operating Officer at the Hawesville facility. "In addition," continued Ms. Collins, "Lazar is positioned to introduce the new CCBF technology to the global aluminum smelting industry through the presentation of a white paper outlining the technology and benefits of the Lazar CCBF at an upcoming industry seminar in Dubai in early December."

For further information please contact Kimberley Collins, Senior Operations Officer 270-927-6002,