Lazar Anode Technologies

The Future in Carbon Baking Technology

Lazar Anode Technologies, a global company based in Switzerland with an operating facility in the United States, offers a cutting-edge carbon baking technology with the implementation of the Lazar Continuous Carbon Baking Furnace (CBF) Column. With the aluminum industry constantly under pressure to reduce its energy consumption and to eliminate emissions of hazardous substances, the marketplace is ready for an environmentally superior, cost-effective process to replace the conventional anode baking technology.

The Lazar Continuous CBF Column not only manufactures superior quality carbon anodes with minimal impact to the environment, but it also counteracts the thermal degradation experienced in conventional anode baking technologies in aluminum smelting. This breakthrough in carbon anode baking is nearing completion through rigorous testing and optimization in a prototype facility.

Happy New Year

Thursday December 28, 2017

We at LAT wish you and yours happy holidays and a new year of health, prosperity, and joy.

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The Lazar CCBF was developed for the main purpose of cost-effectively baking anodes of superior quality.

Thursday November 2, 2017

Did you know?...  With Lazar CCBF, the thermal efficiency (non-cyclic operation) and simplified anode handling process equipment results in reduced capital and operating expenditures. Furthermore, with Lazar CCBF, fuel consumption is minimized due to the steady state of thermal conditions and the use of anode volatiles.  With Lazar CCBF, every anode experiences identical temperature profiles resulting in superior anode quality.

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